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January 9th, Sticking europlaster: Merkel & Sarkozy press to speed up Greek solution (read the story)

December 31st, The year of dissent: Battling Europe (read the story)

December 5th, Eurounison: Merkel and Sarkozy propose new EU treaty (read the story)

November 24th, Putting lipstick on the PIIGS (read the story)

November 13th, Italian crisis: Impossible to overcome while inside eurozone? (read the story)

November 5th, Euro could be dead in a month (read the story)


October 18th, No quick cure for Greek balance sheets (read the story)

October 12th, Slovakian government cracks under pressure to bailout EU (read the story)

October 4th, Greece may kill Euro by end of year (read the story)

September 23rd, World doomed to another recession? (read the story)

September 22nd, Western prosperity fading, China facing recession (read the story)

September 7th, German court backs unpopular EU bailouts (read the story)

August 29th, Eurozone officials grilled over union’s debt crisis (read the story)

August 18th, Impossible to tell what the euro will be (read the story)

August 7th, Eurozone to Collapse by November 2011

August 3rd, Italy, Spain on bailout precipice (read the story)

July 28th, Prospects of European bail-out program to end (read the story)

July 22nd, Greece bailout will prolong the agony (read the story)

July 14th, Austerity budget gets green light from Italian Senate (read the story)

July 7th, Patrick discusses selling central bank gold and why the EU is pursuing a pogrom against ratings agencies, in a rather worrying attack on free speech and open analysis:

Russia Today television enjoy a lively session with me in my capacity as Editor and contributor to The Gathering Storm

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