Chi-X Chief In Shock Departure


Successful MTF Chi-X has been largely shaped by its CEO Peter Randall. His departure is a remarkable move given his success in making CHi-X a leading ATS not only in Europe but various other jurisdictions too.


Peter Randall had enjoyed a long and successful career in the City of London but when he went to Chi-X his reputation became a stellar one, creating Europe’s first quasi-ubiquitous MTF. Randall melded a team that has led the European MTF landscape, snapping at the heels of the legacy exchanges and demonstrating all the benefits of MiFiD for end users of exchanges.

An inveterate critic of the legacy players, particularly the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Randall had until recently even been tipped as a possible replacement for CEO Dame Clara Furse. However, the poacher turned gamekeeper ploy was halted when Xavier Rolet emerged from a fairly packed field.

Nevertheless, Randall’s operational success with Chi-X ought to make him a prime candidate for either a legacy stock exchange looking for a new direction or indeed one of the many other MTFs which are seeking to replicate CHi-X’s success to date. Wherever Randall emerges it will make waves…stay tuned to this story!


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