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Bloomberg TV is a studious but dull product suffering from a certain lack of focus on just whether it wants to be in mass market financial television or a specialist digital arm of the news and data vendor.


If Bloomberg TV wants to make a greater impact it has several options, including but not limited to:

1) going for the jugular of the retail market and competing head to head with CNBC (scaling up the “personality” side and adding more “razzamatazz”)

2) Going for a more niche professional market and providing less dumbed down equity-based content and a greater extent of broadcasting across all markets but with a particularly professional (i.e. _not_ retail, standpoint).

Having appeared on these and other business/financial media programming during the past decade or more, it has been intriguing to watch the rise of CNBC. The channel produces a good product but remains terrified of saying anything too technical that may alienate the “lay” audience component.

Bloomberg has remained a somewhat staid product despite having a great deal of talent behind and in front of the lens.

Given the expansion of interest in financial markets since the birth of both channels, I remain relatively cynical that the public who want to watch financial televsion are quite as limited as many in financial television wish to treat them. The marketplace to provide high quality information on professional markets is what drives all Bloomberg’s other data business, why not television too?


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